Today's entrepreneurs are known for starting a business, making money or constantly networking. Our aim is to change this stereotypical image. The world is changing, and being an entrepreneur is a whole lot more than making a profit or building a network. 
The Entrepreneurship Society embraces the spirit of entrepreneurship by fostering innovative minds, developing invaluable skills and fulfilling young entrepreneur's potential. We will do this by inspiring the future generations that they could already have the skills, ideas and attitude it takes to become an entrepreneur.
The Committee

Neal Abdool
Second Year Entrepreneurship & Management (BA)


Katie Austin 
Vice President
Second Year Business & Management (BA)


Jack Vergerson
Marketing Manager
Second Year Business & Management (BA)


Alex Christou 
Marketing Manager
 Year Business & Management (BA)


Emily Large
Events Manager 
Second Year Business & Managment (BA)
Jack Holder
Events Manager
Final Year Business & Management (BA)

Felicity Elliot
Final Year Business & Management (BA)